Shift Start Checklist

Must be completed at the beginning of every single shift

1. POS & Inventory Check
  • Verify the accuracy of the POS system at the start of the shift.
  • Ensure all items are marked as in stock or appropriately labeled as out of stock to maintain accurate online availability & prevent potential waste.
2. Custom Cake Orders
  • Check custom cake orders for today & tomorrow, ensuring stock availability & Familiarize with customer name & details.
  • If a custom cake order for today or tomorrow hasn't been brought to the store, immediately inform management for a prompt resolution to ensure on-time delivery before the customer arrives. Early notification allows for effective problem-solving & customer satisfaction.
3. Coffee Travelers
  • Confirm coffee travelers are prominently displayed and accessible for customers.
  • Prepare an ample quantity of coffee travelers at the beginning of each shift to facilitate prompt order fulfillment and enhance customer experience.
4. General Operational Checks
  • Confirm that cake tags are both prominently displayed on every item and accurately match each product for precise identification & customer communication.
  • Inspect the customer seating area for cleanliness & organization.
  • Confirm all retail items (samplers, cookies, biscotti, Oasis mugs, Oasis candles, gift cards, etc.) are fully stocked, neatly arranged, & ready for customer purchase.