Grinding Retail Coffee

We only package whole bean coffee in order to ensure the freshest & highest quality experience for our customers. Coffee begins to degrade in flavor as soon as it is ground, so by grinding the beans for them just before selling we ensure the best taste possible. This also allows customers to choose their own grind setting based on their preferred brewing method, ensuring a personalized and optimal cup of coffee.
Step 1

Open the Retail Bag & Load the Beans into the Grinder— place the bag under the grinders dispensing chute.

Step 2

Adjust the Grind Setting — set the grind setting based on the customers desired brewing method(drip, espresso, French press, etc)

Step 3

Start Grinding— turn on the grinder & let it run until all the beans have been ground (Ground coffee should be dispensed straight into the retail bag)

Step 4

Close the Retail Bag & serve to customer.

Clean the grinder after each use by removing any left over grounds& wiping down the hopper & other components.