Team Member Training Guide

This guide provides the steps & procedures involved in training new team members
day 1

4 Hours Max

  • Show Around
  • Scan to download Me@Oasis
  • Explain the 3 Stations ( Pos Station, Cake Station, Barista Station)
  • Demonstrate POS
  • Mock Orders
  • Observe a real order
  • Take a real order from real customers
  • Gift Cards
  • Oasis App & Rewards
  • Sanitation Laws & Best Practices
  • Closing Out
Day 2

4 Hours Max

  • Practice Packing Cakes
  • Pack Real Orders
  • Making Drip Coffee
  • Making Cold Brew
  • Using & Cleaning MerryChef
Day 3

Begin Barista Training - Full Shift

  • Using & Cleaning Espresso Machine
  • Start with making 1 star drinks using the recipe book
  • Practice Making each 1 star drink several times until they are comfortable & proficient
  • Seek feedback & ask questions as needed.
  • Serve 1 star drinks to real customers under supervision

Once Team Member has mastered 1 star drinks, move on to 2 star drinks & repeat the process

Continue the process until team member has completed all star levels (1-3)

Please note that this process will require more time than one shift to complete, as it typically takes one shift for each star level.