Main room closeout procedure

Must be done every night.

1. Clean Espresso Machine

Swipe down at the top of the screen & hold rinse until cleaning option comes up. Go through cleaning steps.

2. Clean Drip Coffee Server

Empty & clean thoroughly. Make sure there is no coffee residue left overnight.

3. Clean Merrychef Oven

Merrychef must be cleaned every single night. Click below to watch 3 minute tutorial.

Watch Now
4. Clean Rags

Rinse rags & place them in buckets with a clean Clorox solution.(1 PART CLOROX : 2 PARTS WATER). Rags should not be left outside buckets overnight or they will attract fruit flies.

5. Restock

Restock Powder Containers, Syrups, Purées & Milks. Restock all supplies,Cups, Straws, Boxes Etc. Restock any cakes from storage to fridge display.

  • Clean display glass with glass cleaner
  • Wipe the cake residue off the trays & display shelves
  • If a tray is empty, don’t leave it in the fridge display
  • Clean all trays in dishwasher before leaving. We cannot leave trays with cake residue over night or it will become fly infested
  • Wipe all countertop surfaces
  • Mop bucket must be emptied after mopping
  • Take out all garbage, there should not be any garbage left in the store overnight.