Step 1: Welcome the customer

Always welcome the customer with a smile at the entrance & begin by greeting the customer warmly with phrases like “Hello!” & “Welcome to Oasis Cafe!”

Step 2: Assist with Selection

Offer assistance if needed. Provide information about the baked goods, including ingredients & flavors. Mention daily specials or featured/popular products.

Step 3: Efficient Checkout

Prioritize order-taking and payment processing before preparing the order. Customers should pay first, and then wait for their order to be prepared.

When payment is made, tickets automatically print at their designated stations for each item, so one employee can focus on packing the cakes while the other prepares the coffees.

This method will help maximize efficiency and minimize wait times for your customers, creating a smooth and positive experience at Oasis Cafe.

Step 4: Express Gratitude farewell

Use this section to explain a set of product features, to link to a series of pages, or to answer common questions.

Step 5: Answering Phone Calls

Check the phone at the start of each shift—on, charged, and volume up.

Reliability is what keeps our customers coming back. Whether it's a pick-up order or a special custom cake request, they count on us. Let's make sure we're always there for them!

  1. Warm Oasis Welcome: Answer with a friendly "Hello, Oasis Cafe! Good[morning/afternoon/evening].""
  2. Introduce Yourself: "This is [Your Name]. How can I assist you today?"
  3. Listen Actively: Pay attention to the customer's needs; be clear and concise in responses.
  4. Confirm Orders: Repeat orders for accuracy, especially for custom requests.
  5. Express Gratitude: End with a thankful tone: "Thank you for choosing Oasis Cafe. Have a great day!"

Your positive and attentive phone presence, combined with the warm Oasis greeting, makes a difference in our customers' experience. Thanks for your dedication!

Priority Rule: In-Store Guests Come First!
  1. If you're working on an Uber order and an in-store customer arrives, pause the Uber task.
  2. Kindly assist the in-store customer promptly; they're our top priority.
  3. Once the in-store customer is taken care of, resume and complete the Uber order.